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2019nCoV: HKU School Of Nursing Protective Measures Video

HKU School of Nursing published a video presenting measures to ensure proper use of masks and hand soap:

. Surgical mask is good enough for community use

. Please check expiry date

. Do not reuse masks

. Proper mask donning procedures:

- Expand the pleats after donning

- Completely covers nose, mouth and chin

- Do not touch outer surface while the mask is on

.Wash hands once return home, remove mask and wash hands again

.Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds

.Use disinfection wipes to clean cell phone

.Children should use a mask that fits their face

.For N95 respirators, ensure no gap or air leakage

.Seniors planning to visit hospital or clinic, call to confirm the service is available in advance

.If non-urgent, consider rescheduling appointments


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