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2016 Bridging Biomedical Worlds conference: Frontiers in Human Microbiota Symbiotic Interactions. Ho

Hong Kong, May 23-25, 2016

Our host microbiota numbers in the trillions and colonizes not only the gut, skin, nose and other mucosal surfaces but potentially inhabits every tissue. The vital role played by our host microbiota in human physiology, disease, and the development of new therapeutics is the theme of the 2016 Bridging Biomedical Worlds conference. The conference entitled “Frontiers in Human Microbiota Symbiotic Interactions” will be held in Hong Kong, May 23-25, 2016 and is jointly organized by Fondation IPSEN, AAAS/Science and AAAS/Science Translational Medicine, and the University of Hong Kong. The meeting will cover a broad range of topics including: evolution of the host microbiota; microbes in the environment; host-microbiota interactions and the immune response; the nexus between diet, metabolism and the gut microbiota; overcoming the challenges of big data; and mining the host microbiota for new therapeutics.

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