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21 Mar 2017

Launch of the 9th HKU-Pasteur Immunology Course

This year the course is inspired by a multidisciplinary research project coordinated by the Institut Pasteur in Paris. It is called "Milieu Interieur" and aims at dissecting the interplay between genetics and environment to understand how it impacts the immune system and defines the determinants of a healthy immune response.

The "Quantitative Immunology Course" wishes to capitalize on this program to explore the ongoing transition from reductionist studies based on the application of genetic approaches in animal models to a more integrated view of the physiology and pathology of the human immune system. It will highlight the latest advances in large‐scale, quantitative data collection and computational analysis as applied to biochemical aspects of immune cell activation and function, multicellular behavior in tissues and model organisms, and human immune function in health and disease.

Emphasis will be placed on how biological function emerges from the interaction of multiple components in networks and pathways, how the construction of quantitative models permits predictions about systems behavior that can be tested experimentally, and how deep analysis of large‐scale, multi‐ parameter data collection in humans can lead to identification of reliable biomarkers and bring insight into disease pathogenesis.

The practical workshop sessions will explore the heterogeneity of healthy human immune response. They are designed to demonstrate a selection of approaches in immunophenotyping of human blood samples and in evaluation of the impact that factors such as age or gender may have on the healthy human immune phenotype.

Have a look on the programme of open lectures here.

To know more about the "Milieu Interieur" project, you can watch this video by the Institut Pasteur:

19 Mar 2017

9th HKU-Pasteur Immunology Course on “Quantitative Immunology”, list of open lectures

The lectures taking place during the 9th HKU-Pasteur Immunology Course on "Quantitative Immunology" will be open to the public.

You can find here the list of lecturers and the title of their talks.

Venue: Seminar Room HRI-703, 7/F Hong Kong Jockey Club Building for Interdisciplinary Research, 5 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam

  • Monday 20 March 2017:

Magnus FONTES and Milena HASAN, Institut Pasteur, Paris
The "Milieu Interieur" Project: Understanding the Determinants of a Normal Healthy Immune Response in Humans

Magnus FONTES, Institut Pasteur, Paris
Computational science to dissect biological functions

  • Tuesday 21 March 2017:

Chris COTSAPAS, Yale School of Medicine and Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Systems approaches to studying the immune response

Dan ZAK, Centre for Infectious Diseases, Seatle
Assessment of immune status using blood transcriptomics

  • Wednesday 22 March 2017:

Catherine BEAUCHEMIN, Ryerson University, Toronto
Modelling virus infections in vitro and in vivo

  • Thursday 23 March 2017:

Mike STUBBINGTON, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK
Investigating immunology with single-cell genomics

  • Friday 24 March 2017:

James DI-SANTO, Institut Pasteur, Paris / HKU-Pasteur Research Pole
Transcriptional signatures and the identity of innate lymphoid cells

  • Monday 27 March 2017:

Hiroshi OHNO, RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences, Yokohama
An overview of Microbiota and immunity

Xiao-Ning XU, Imperial College London
Ab repertoires in virus infection

  • Tuesday 28 March 2017:

Gabriel VICTORA, The Rockefeller University, NYC
Maturation of the antibody response

Bernard MALISSEN, Centre d'Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy, France
Quantitative “omics” to dissect the complexity of T cell-dendritic cell interactions

  • Wednesday 29 March 2017

Sumana SANYAL, HKU-Pasteur Research Pole
A functional proteomics-based approach to probe host immune responses to viral infections

Alexandre PEURICHARD, InvivoGen
Behind the Science: the development of reagent for immunologists, a case study from InvivoGen

08 Mar 2017

[Applications Closed] 14th HKU-Pasteur Virology Course

Application Form / Tips for Application / Programme

Dear colleagues, we are now selecting the applications for the next HKU-Pasteur Virology Course:

Viral, Host and Environmental Determinants of Influenza Virus Transmission and Pathogenesis

taking place in Hong Kong from 6 to 14 July 2017.

Thanks to all applicants. You will be notified of selection results soon.

The 14th edition of our international course will focus on understanding the factors that contribute to the transmissibility and pathogenecity of human/avian influenza viruses, including clinical features, ecology, evolution, molecular cell biology and epidemiology.


Roberto BRUZZONE / HKU – Pasteur Research Pole

Simon CAUCHEMEZ / Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

David Shu-Cheong HUI / The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Sander HERFST / Erasmus Medical Center, The Netherlands

Thijs KUIKEN / Erasmus Medical Center, The Netherlands

Tommy LAM / School of Public Health, The University of Hong Kong

Mart LAMERS / Erasmus Medical Center, The Netherlands

Andrew MEHLE / University of Wisconsin, USA

Chris Ka Pun MOK / HKU – Pasteur Research Pole

Sumana SANYAL / HKU – Pasteur Research Pole

Malik PEIRIS / HKU – Pasteur Research Pole

Noёl TORDO / Institut Pasteur de Guinée, Guinea

Arend te VELTHUIS / Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, Oxford University, UK

Marco VIGNUZZI / Institut Pasteur, Paris

Hui-Ling YEN / School of Public Health, The University of Hong Kong

How to apply?

  • Please return completed application form, including two letters of recommendation to hku-pasteur@hku.hk
  • Registration fees HKD1,500.- include accommodation (on sharing twin basis for overseas participants) and food (lunches, coffee breaks and one dinner).
  • The HKU-Pasteur Virology Course (MMPH6171) is included in the coursework curriculum for research postgraduate studies of the University of Hong Kong.

For more information, please contact the course secretariat at hku-pasteur@hku.hk

Click on the poster to download the PDF file.