Institut Pasteur International Network

"The microbe is nothing, the terrain everything" Louis Pasteur

International Network Institut Pasteur

The Institut Pasteur’s international initiatives in the areas of research, public health, and education are a fundamental part of its mission. Since its creation, Institut Pasteur has an international mission. In 1887, Institut Pasteur’s new laboratories in Paris allowed Louis Pasteur to build an extensive, already-international team of scientists. Thus, students and Pasteur scientists scattered across the globe to continue their work.
A unique organization, the Institut Pasteur International Network unites close to 23,000 staff from 33 institutions (including 19 WHO collaborating Centres) spread across five continents. The Network is dedicated to the surveillance, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases through biological research, education and public health activities. As a member of the International Network, the Pole’s research is enriched by the data and material collected by the other Instituts Pasteur throughout Asia.

Institut Pasteur International Network