Teaching News

27 Jun 2014

HKU-PRP is looking for Postgraduate Students (MPhil and PhD)

We have openings for extremely motivated students to pursue research work in the area of host-pathogen interactions.

HKU-PRP emphasizes interdisciplinary approaches to generate information on fundamental processes of infectious diseases that may be translated into clinical applications. We focus on burden of diseases in the region, with particular emphasis on influenza and other viruses that are both global and regional threats.

Current projects include:

Suki Lee lab (suki@hku.hk)

  1. Role of TLR10 as an innate immune sensor for respiratory viral infections (PhD)
  2. Role of COX-2 and its signaling in viral pathogenesis (PhD)
  3. Potential new therapeutic option in treatment of influenza disease (PhD)

For more information check the lab page.

Sumana Sanyal lab (sanyal@hku.hk)

  1. Host factors involved in dengue virus release (PhD)
  2. Role of deubiquitylating enzymes (DUB) in innate immune signaling pathways and during viral infections (PhD)
  3. Function of Tsg101 during influenza infection and its modulation by the interferon-I response (PhD)

For more information check the lab page.

Chris Mok lab (ch02mkp@hku.hk)

Investigation of the immune and virologic responses of influenza virus infected IPS-derived pneumocytes (MPhil).

For more information check the lab page.

Interested candidates are advised to check on the University’s entrance requirements, details of which are available from The University of Hong Kong’s Postgraduate Admission homepage.

20 Jun 2014

3rd ANTIGONE One Health Course (15-30 September 2014, Bonn, Germany): Deadline Extension 11 July 2014

The third edition of the highly successful ANTIGONE One Health Course will be held this year from 15 to 30 September 2014 and is now open for applications.

The course will be hosted at Dr. Christian DROSTEN’s Institute of Virology, University of Bonn, of SARS and MERS fame.
The course if sor M.Sc. students, PhD students and postdocs.
ANTIGONE participants may take part at a heavily reduced rate.
The objective of this course is to equip the next generation of scientists with the holistic viewpoint required to deal with emerging infections. Participants will interact with international experts in a multitude of disciplines that make up One Health. Besides formal lectures, the course also consists of site visits, excursions, and group case studies.

For more information, click on the poster to download, or send an email to onehealthcourse@virology-bonn.de.


3rd ANTIGONE One Health Course