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23 Mar 2020

The Pasteur Foundation Asia launches its Newsletter

The Pasteur Foundation Asia, charitable organization established in Hong Kong that supports crucial scientific research, teaching and public health initiatives, launched its first newsletter:

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It is very important for us to show you that your donations can make a difference, especially during the current COVID-19 outbreak affecting all our lives. This is why the Pasteur Foundation Asia has decided to launch its Newsletter.

Together, with the entire Institut Pasteur International Network, we are committed to fight emerging diseases, to support crucial scientific research, teaching and public health initiatives. Your help in this battle will always be welcomed, the Pasteur Foundation Asia is grateful for any donations, big or small.


The Pasteur Foundation Asia supports crucial scientific research, teaching and public health initiatives for the prevention and treatment of diseases, the promotion of awareness of the burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases and the improvement of global health conditions. Donations we raise from our community enable us to allocate funds to the HKU-Pasteur Research Pole, which works closely with the Institut Pasteur and its International Network for the aforementioned objectives, or to specific projects chosen by the donors themselves.