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19 May 2011

Advanced Statistics Course (Institut Pasteur of Cambodia: 16-28th May 2011)

This regional event organised by the Epidemiology and Public Health unit from Institut Pasteur du Cambodge, Emerging Disease Epidemiology unit from Institut Pasteur - Paris, REDI Centre and the Institut Pasteur International Network was supported by the French Development Agency (SISEA) and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response of the U.S. Department of Human Health Services (DHHS).

The course aims to build local capacity in epidemiology and provide participants with a strong working knowledge of the main statistical techniques used in the analysis of epidemiological data using STATA, one of the foremost used statistical packages in scientific research. At the end of the course, each participant will be given license of the STATA software. The course has been divided in lectures (about 25%) and practical exercises (about 75%) during which participants will use the STATA software on real databases. The course was advertised both regionally and internationally. It should be noted that it drew more than 120 applications. Twenty five students (8 from SISEA project and 3 more from the Pasteur Network) were selected.

Data Analysis Using STATA Course (Institut Pasteur Cambodia, May 17-28, 2011)

13 May 2011

International Symposium on “Surveillance and Discovery in Respiratory and Other Emerging Infectious”

The international symposium on “Surveillance and Discovery in Respiratory and Other Emerging Infectious Diseases” organized in Phnom Penh from 29th of May to the 31st, brings several regional projects of the Institut Pasteur International Network to a close. This meeting aims to be a forum for Pasteur Institutes and their partners in the Asia Pacific Region to discuss major advances and gaps in the understanding of emerging infectious diseases. It will be an opportunity to outline a way forward implicating scientists health authorities, universities, NGOs and training instances active at the regional level.

The opening of the workshop on May 29 will be presided by His Excellency Dr Mam Bunheng, Ministry of Health of Cambodia and His Excellency Mr Christian Connan, Ambassador of France, in the presence of Diplomatic delegations and high rank personalities. It will be followed by a keynote lecture from the Head of the Emerging Disease Surveillance and Response Unit from the Regional Office for the Western Pacific of the World Health Organization.

International experts and directors of the Asia-Pacific institutes will deliver a unique series of conference. The full programme can be viewed at

We thank our sponsors (AFD, DHHS/ASPR, Institut Pasteur International Network, DKSH, Sanofi Pasteur, Roche) for supporting this  challenging event.

International Symposium on “Surveillance and Discovery in Respiratory and Other Emerging Infectious Diseases”

11 May 2011

New Institut Pasteur International Network in the Asia-Pacific Region Leaflet is Available

The new leaflet describing this unique network of expertise dedicated to the fight against infectious diseases is now available here.

The nine institutes of the Institut Pasteur International Network in the Asia-Pacific Region are based in six different countries (Cambodia, China PR, Lao PR, Korea, New-Caledonia and Vietnam) and ensure a regional coverage on research, surveillance and control of infectious diseases. The scientific and administrative staff gather more than 1200 people with very different backgrounds, working together and sharing the common Pasteurian values and objectives. This network provides a platform for research, public health, and training activities, in which each member institute is recognized as a center of excellence on infectious diseases.

Institut Pasteur International Network in the Asia-PAcific Region leaflet