Honorary Staff

Professor James DI-SANTO (Visiting Research Professor)

Professor James DI-SANTO

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Professor Noёl Tordo (Honorary Professor)

Professor Noёl Tordo

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Hui Ling YEN (Associate Professor)

Hui Ling YEN

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Dr. Hui-Ling Yen received her Ph.D. in Epidemiological Science in 2005 from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor followed by her postdoctoral training at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, TN. Her research interests focus on understanding the mechanism facilitating the transmission of influenza A virus among and between different reservoirs, exploring the potential virus-host interactions that affect viral pathogenicity and the host clinical outcome, and examining the molecular determinants that confer antiviral resistance.

The ongoing research projects aim to study the modes of influenza transmission in animal models and at the animal-human interface. We continue to study the functionality of viral proteins associated with transmissibility and pathogenicity. Those studies are in collaboration with researchers from the University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Guangdong Provincial CDC (China), Genomic Research Centre, Academia Sinica (Taiwan), and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (USA).

Dr. Yen is a Full Member of the American Society of Virology. She serves as an Editorial Board Member at Antiviral Research and an Academic Editor at PLoS ONE.

Sumana SANYAL (Honorary Associate Professor)


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Dr Sumana Sanyal is a biochemist by training with an interest in aspects of host pathogen interactions including influenza, dengue and related viruses.  She obtained her PhD from Cornell University, USA and postdoctoral training from the Whitehead Institute/MIT.  Her current research includes identification and characterization of host factors important in virus pathogenesis.  Using a combination of genetics and proteomics-based approaches her research group is investigating how post translational modifications, especially the ubiquitylation machinery, are targeted and alter protein function during cellular perturbations such as in virus infections, either to facilitate replication and pathogenesis or in installing a host immune response.

Chris MOK (Honorary Assistant Professor)

Chris MOK

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Dr MOK received his PhD and did his post-doctoral training under the tutelage of Professor Malik Peiris.  Since the launch of his academic career in 2010, Dr MOK has already published over 30 papers in peer-reviewed international journals.  His main research interests include the basic and clinical virology of avian influenza virus in mammalian hosts as well as developing new anti-viral drugs against the infection.


Barbara GAYRAUD-MOREL (Honorary Research Associate)

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Niloufar KAVIAN-TESSLER (Honorary Research Associate)


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Dr Niloufar Kavian-Tessler completed a PharmD at the Paris Descartes University, followed by a residency in medical pathology (specialized in Immunopathology) in Paris Hospitals. She started a research course in Immunology in 2008 and obtained her PhD in 2012 at the Paris Descartes University for studies on the pathophysiology of the auto-immune disease Systemic sclerosis. Dr Niloufar Kavian-Tessler is an Associate Professor in Immunology in the Faculty of Medicine Paris Descartes since 2013.

Iolanthe Yun LAN (Honorary Research Associate)

Iolanthe Yun LAN

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Dr LAN obtained her MSc degree from King’s College London and completed her PhD degree in Pharmacy and Pharmacology at The University of Hong Kong in 2015. As a trained microbiologist and molecular biologist, her research interests focus on the investigation of the host-virus interactions during virus infection, with particular emphasis on dengue virus (DENV) and zika virus (ZIKV), and their association with host lipogenesis and lipid metabolism.

Qi Wen TEO (Honorary Research Associate)

Simon MULLER (Honorary Assistant Communication Manager)

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