16 Nov 2011

Social Entrepreneurship for Health - A Public Forum

The Centre for the Humanities and Medicine invites you to attend:

Social Entrepreneurship for Health - A Public Forum

Special Guest:
Mr. Jed Emerson
Thought Leader in social entrepreneurship and strategic philanthropy, founder of Blended Value

Dato Dr. Kim Tan
Chairman, SpringHill Management Ltd, UK

Mr. Jean-Francois de Lavison
President, Ahimsa Partners, France

Prof. Po Chi Wu
School of Business & Management, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

Dr. Robert Peckham
Centre for the Humanities and Medicine, HKU

Prof. Daniel Chua
School of Humanities, HKU

Leading social entrepreneurs and venture capitalists join in conversation to consider how social entrepreneurship can best be applied to deliver improved healthcare. What is the role of government, NGOs, capital and local networks? And how can successful models in one setting be effectively translated to another?

Date: 24/11/2011

Time: 16:15-17:45

Venue: MG07, Main Building, The University of Hong Kong

To register please visit http://www.chm.hku.hk/social_entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship for  Health: a Public Forum