22 Sep 2011

Croucher Cambridge International Scholarship 2011/2012: Mr Wallace CHAN awarded

The Croucher Foundation of Hong Kong announced this year’s awards of about HK$20 million to 9 postdoctoral scientists and another 14 doctoral students to enable them to pursue their research studies abroad. The 23 recipients of these Croucher awards include 9 who are currently studying in universities in Hong Kong, and 14 Hong Kong students who are already doing their university degrees in the United Kingdom; United States; Sweden; Canada and France. They were selected from 95 applicants after a competitive review process conducted by 18 senior local and overseas scientists from various scientific disciplines.

Mr Wallace CHAN, MPhil student at the Department of Pathology of HKU and at HKU-Pasteur Research Centre has been awarded the Croucher Cambridge International Scholarship in 2011/2012. He will start his PhD studies on herpes simplex virus in Dr Stacey IFSTATHIOU's lab in December. Mr Wallace CHAN joined HKU-Pasteur Research Centre in 2008 where he performed his final year project on influenza H5N1 virus-lke particles as BSc student from the Department of Biochemistry. He has just completed his MPhil on SARS-CoV E protein and published two articles (Lai et al., 2010, Teoh et al., 2010).

The Centre wishes him all the best for his new career!

Wallace CHAN

19 Sep 2011

A One-Man Performance - Fragile by Peter Suart (UK) (Hong Kong Arts Centre, September 30 - October 1, 2011)

The Hong Kong plague of 1894 – A story of Dr. Alexandre Yersin and human ingenuity.

In the summer of 1894 Dr Alexandre Yersin and Professor Shibasaburo Kitasato came to Hong Kong to assist the government against an outbreak of plague, an outbreak which was to spread across the world. Which one of them made the discovery of the bacillus was a matter of dispute at the time, but the microbe was seen through the microscope, the first time anywhere in the world that the tiny organism which for centuries had brought death and horror to millions of people around the globe yielded its identity to humanity's advancing technologies, thus opening the way to vaccines and an understanding of the disease's transmission.

Fragile considers the story of Dr Alexandre Yersin, Professor Kitasato and the Hong Kong plague of 1894 in the wider context of disease, medical and optical science and religion, through poetic and theatrical imagery, text and recorded music. The result is grim, eerie and comic.

More information on Peter Suart's web site and on the Cultural Presentations Section of the Government of Hong Kong SAR.

A One-Man Performance - Fragile by Peter Suart (UK)