18 Apr 2010

A New and Refined HKU-PRC Website

A new and refined HKU-PRC website has been launched.

We hope you will enjoy the lighter style and you will experience a more intuitive navigation. The homepage was completely redesigned with a new graphical look and feel and a highly organized layout, serving as a portal to the rest of the site with special navigation to all the different news categories.

HKU-PRC website revamp

14 Apr 2010

Consul General of France in Hong Kong Visits HKU-PRC

Mr Marc Fonbaustier, Consul General of France in Hong Kong visited HKU-PRC on April 14, 2010.

Dr Roberto Bruzzone, CEO, and Pr Malik Peiris, Scientific Director, presented our mission, and our research and teaching activities. During his tour of the laboratories he discussed with staff scientists and asked several questions about everyday life in a research laboratory and about the scientist's mind. Mr Marc Fonbaustier praised the achievements of the Centre and reaffirmed the support of the Consulate General Of France in Hong Kong.

Consul General of France in Hong Kong visits HKU-PRC