19 Jan 2010

PhD Announcement: Dr TEOH

Mr Kim Tat TEOH has been awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Hong Kong for his work entitled "The E envelope protein of the SARS coronavirus interacts with the Pals1 tight junction protein through its PDZ domain: consequences for polarity of infected epithelial cells". He was first in Pasteur-Asia Virology course's 2004 and joined the Centre in Autumn 2006. Dr TEOH published two scientific articles (Siu et al. 2008, Teoh et al. 2010).

Dr Kim Tat Teoh

01 Jan 2010

Prof Daniel Kolakofsky 2 month-sabbatical at HKU-PRC

Prof Daniel Kolakofsky from the Department of Microbiology, University of Geneva Medical School, Switzerland is spending two months as Visiting Professor at HKU-PRC.

Prof Kolakofsky was educated at McGill University, Quebec, Canada and subsequently at the University of Chicago, Illinois, USA. His research work aims at elucidating the molecular mechanisms of paramyxovirus replication (negative-sense RNA virus, Sendai virus model), as well as activation of cell's innate defense (viral RNA-sensing mechanish of RIG-I) and appears in over 100 publications cited in PubMed. He was editor or member of the editorial board of several scientific journals including RNA, Virology, Journal of Virology, Journal of General Virology.

If you wish to meet Prof Daniel Kolakofsky, please contact HKU-PRC (email: hku-pasteur@hku.hk; tel.: (852) 2816 8403)

Prof Dan Kolakofsky